A person of the best antidotes for digestive diseases is our very own saliva as this compound is hugely alkaline which neutralizes stomach acid. The principal explanation for acquiring digestive complications is hasty heating where by not only inadequate saliva goes to the stomach but major particles of food items enter this organ as very well. And the abdomen has to wrestle tricky and very long to pulp the food to the right constituency, secreting additional and much more acid. So chew your foodstuff very well.

For ideal digestion, follow these measures:

1 Try to eat with your arms as the prana that leaks out the fingers will energize the foodstuff and also get re-absorbed into the technique.

2 Converse positive during a meal as gossiping prospects to the secretion of dangerous substances and hinders proper digestion.

3 Eat in cross-legged position and sit in vajarasana for 10-20 minutes right after foods.

4 In the two these asanas the blood swimming pools near the belly aiding digestion. To improve the effect, you can visualize the sunshine though sitting in vajarasana.

5 Practise manipura shudhi a sort of meditation.

Manipura chakra is an electrical power centre, positioned in the spinal column close to the photo voltaic plexus. A correctly doing work manipura generates a heat known as jatharagni in Ayurveda, meaning the digestive fire, which will get extinguished by cold food items and drinks, and overeating. Whilst the chakra results in being slugging due to strain as we keep our rigidity in the abdominal area. Manipura shuddhi removes worry and stimulates the manipura chakra into motion.


1 Close your eyes and concentrate on the rise and drop of your navel for 2/3 minutes.

2 Visualize you are respiratory from your navel. With inhalation, your breath enters the navel, goes straight to the spine and touches the manipura chakra.

3 With exhalation it comes out as a result of the navel all over again Add the bija mantra of this chakra-Rum to your breath i.e, even though you inhale, repeat rum mentally.