Privacy Policy


This privacy notice describes how personal information is collected and managed on our websites.

By submitting your information, you attest that you are at least 13 years old.

The data controller is Supplicafiliale (referred to in this privacy notice as “we”, “us”, or “our”).


9 Southbourne Overcliff Dr Bournemouth Dorset BH6 3TE

We require information that is both accurate and up to date about you. Please send any edits to the email address [email protected]

2.For what purposes do we collect and process the information you provide?

Any information that may be used to identify a specific individual is considered personal data. It is not anonymousized in any way.

We may process the following personal information about you:

The term “Communication Data” refers to any and all messages that you provide to us by way of the feedback form on our official site, as well as via email, text message, social media messaging, or social media posting. We make use of your personal information in order to interact with you, to retain records, and to establish, pursue, or defend legal claims. In addition to responding to messages and maintaining data, our legitimate interests include initiating, pursuing, or defending legal claims.

Name, title, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, and other contact details, as well as information on previous purchases and credit card numbers. This information is put to use in the process of delivering products and/or services and keeping track of transactions. This processing is permitted because we are carrying out the terms of a contract that we have with you or following the procedures that you have requested prior to signing a contract.

User Data encompasses the manner in which you utilise our website and many other online services, in addition to any information that you contribute online. We make use of this information to run our website and display you material that is relevant to you, to store backups of our website and/or databases, and to publish and administer our website, as well as our online services and our firm. Because of our legitimate interests, we are able to effectively manage both our website and our organisation.

Your IP address, login information, browser details, page visits, page views, navigation pathways, the number of times you use our website, the time zone settings on the devices you use to access our website, and any other technologies that are present on those devices are all considered to be part of the “Technical Data.” These numbers came from our in-house analytics system. Your information is used for the purposes of analysing how you use our website and other online services, managing and securing both our company and our website, and providing you with website content and advertisements that are relevant to you. The management of our website and firm, the expansion of our business, and the formulation of our strategy for marketing are all examples of our legitimate interests.

Your decisions to receive marketing from both us and third parties, as well as your communication preferences, are included in the Marketing Data we collect. We process your data in order to provide you with relevant website content and advertisements, to analyse the effectiveness of this advertising, and to provide you the opportunity to participate in contests, prize drawings, and free giveaways. Analyzing the ways in which consumers utilise our products and services, further improving those products and services, growing our company, and determining how we will approach marketing are all examples of our legitimate interests.

We may utilise Customer Data, User Data, Technical Data, and Marketing Data to offer relevant website content and advertisements (including advertisements displayed on Facebook and other display ads), as well as to assess how well our advertising is doing. This processing is in line with our legitimate business interests, which include growing our range of operations. Additionally, we could send you promotional communications. Processing can be justified with either consent or reasonable interests (namely to grow our business).

Safeguarding of Data

We don’t gather sensitive info. Included in the category of sensitive data are aspects of an individual’s racial or ethnic background, their religious or philosophical beliefs, their sexual history or orientation, their political beliefs, their membership in a labour union, information pertaining to their health, as well as their genetic and biometric information. There is no record kept of any convictions or offences.

If we are required by law or by the terms of our relationship with you to collect personal data and you do not submit it, we may be unable to finish the transaction because of this requirement (for example, to deliver goods or services to you). We may be forced to cancel a product or service you bought if you do not submit the needed information; however, we will make sure to contact you as soon as possible.

We will not use any of your personally identifiable information for any purpose other than the one for which it was acquired or one that is directly related to it. For details, email [email protected]. If we use the information you provided for a purpose that is unrelated to the one we originally discussed, we will notify you and explain our reasoning.

We may treat your personally identifiable information even without obtaining your consent or bringing it to your attention if doing so is required or authorised by law.

3.The process by which we get private information

You are welcome to share private information with us (for example by filling in forms on our site or by sending us emails). Cookies and other technologies of a similar kind may be used to gather some information about how you use our website.

We could acquire data from third parties such as Google (which has its headquarters in the UK), advertising networks such as Facebook (which also has its headquarters in the UK), and service providers that assist us with things like payments and deliveries.

We are able to make use of public resources such as Companies House and the Electoral Roll (based inside the EU).


The transmission of promotional materials to you is only permissible if we have either your consent or a genuine interest in doing so (namely to grow our business).

If you have made a purchase from us or asked for more information about our products or services, or if you have accepted to receive marketing messages from us and have not opted out of receiving them, we are permitted to send you marketing messages in accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Messages Regulations. Because of these constraints, we are able to send promotional emails to LLCs without first obtaining their approval. You have the option to opt out of getting marketing communications from us.

Before we share any of your personal information for marketing purposes, we will get your consent first.

You have the right to order as we and third groups quit sending you advertising messages by having to log into to the official site and changing your service to the market; OR by following the opt-out buttons on any marketing message sent to you; OR by sending an email to the third party directly using their contact information; OR by following the opt-out buttons on any marketing message sent to you; OR by logging onto the website and adjusting your marketing choices; OR by (once you have been receiving their messages). Sending an email to [email protected] will enable you to opt out of getting promotional communications from our firm (Supplicafiliale).

This opt-out does not apply to purchases, warranty registrations, or any of those other types of transactions.

5.The dissemination of information

Your private information could be sent to one or more of the following parties:

IT and system administrators.

Consultants include professionals such as attorneys, bankers, accountants, and insurance agents.

The procedures that we use need to be communicated to the relevant government agencies.

We may choose to sell, transfer, or consolidate some aspects of our business or our assets.

The confidentiality of your information as well as its legality are both the responsibility of third parties to whom we communicate it. Only in certain circumstances and in accordance with our instructions do we permit third parties to process your personally identifiable information.

6.External Links

We may link to the websites of third parties and advertise discounts, goods, and services offered by those parties.

This website could integrate webpages, plug-ins, or apps that belong to a third party. If you click on these links or activate these connections, it’s possible that third parties will obtain your information or share it with others.

Only reputable third parties with adequate data security measures are allowed to be our business partners. The privacy practises of these third-party websites are not within our sphere of influence. After leaving our website, you should make it a habit to verify the privacy policies of every website you go to.

7.Retaining Data

Your personal information will be stored by us for no longer than is required to fulfil the underlying purpose for which it was collected, such as to comply with any applicable legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.

When determining how long to keep data for processing purposes, we consider its number, nature, sensitivity, risk of damage from unauthorised use or disclosure, processing purposes, and whether or not they can be achieved via alternative means, as well as any legal limits.

We are required to preserve all Contact, Identity, Financial, and Transaction Data for a period of six years following the termination of a customer relationship for tax purposes.

For the sake of research or statistics, we may anonymize your personal information and use it indefinitely without providing additional notification.


You have the option of telling your browser to reject all cookies, only particular ones, or to inform you each time a website sets or accesses cookies. If you disable or deny cookies, it’s possible that certain aspects of our website won’t operate for you.

9.Commitment to the protection of data

Your private information is stored in a secure location. Only well-established data controllers that follow strict data security procedures are allowed to be our partners. We protect user information both online and offline by encrypting it with SSL technology.

Your private information will not be misused, altered, divulged, or accessed in any way without first obtaining your permission. We only allow our employees and business partners that have a legitimate need for access to your personal information. Your private information is strictly confidential and must be treated in accordance with our rules at all times.

We have procedures in place to manage any suspected breach of data security, and if required by law, we will notify both you and any necessary authorities.

10.Transfers made outside of the European Union

Because a significant number of our third-party service providers are headquartered in countries that are not part of the European Economic Area (EEA), these companies may likely send your personal information to countries that are not part of the EEA.

When we transfer your personally identifiable information to a location outside of the EEA, we ensure its safety by utilising at least one of the following safeguards:

We will only transmit your personal information to countries that the European Commission has determined to have an adequate level of data protection;

When we engage specialised service providers to guarantee the same level of protection for individuals’ personal data as is found in Europe, we may employ contracts, standards of conduct, or certification procedures that have been recognised by the European Commission;

We are able to transfer data to UK-based service providers who take part in the EU-UK Privacy Shield if we utilise those providers.

In the event that none of the above safety measures are taken, we could require your permission. This permission is subject to revocation at any moment.

11.Legal rights within the EU

According to EU data protection legislation, you have the right to request access to your data, correct or delete inaccurate data, restrict or stop the processing of your data, transfer it to another party, object to the processing of your data, and even withdraw your consent where it is the legal basis for the processing.

To exercise your rights, email [email protected].

The viewing of personal information is completely free (or to exercise any of the other rights). If your request might be considered unreasonable, repetitious, or frivolous, we have the right to charge you a fee.

In order to verify your identity and grant access to your personal information, we might need some facts from you (or to exercise any of your other rights). This prevents any unauthorised third parties from gaining access to any sensitive personal information. In order to expedite our response, we may get in touch with you to request further information.

We try to respond to any legitimate questions within a month. It’s possible that your request will take more than a month to process if it’s very involved or if you’ve made several of them. You will be kept up to date.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of the United Kingdom if you are dissatisfied with the way in which we collect and use your personal information and you are a resident of the European Union ( If you are having trouble, please get in touch with us so that we can assist you.

12.Details about Who to Contact

Please get in touch with us at [email protected], by calling 01202 428512, or by writing to 9 Southbourne Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth, Dorset BH6 3DQ. Both our items and our service are of the highest quality. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Statement or our policies.